When I purchased it, I was told
that they've had pads last 8 years...
I believe that now. My pad
still looks virtually brand new!


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Dressage All Purpose
Specialty Designs Made to Order
Take a step back to old world artisan craftsmanship with Ambleside Designs' limited edition saddlepads. Each of our pieces is hand-made from top quality materials, carefully chosen for beauty as well as durability and most are one-of-a-kind. From crisp military style to swallowtail... baroque to all purpose... elegant to extraordinary...   we believe that in this most demanding of sports, every horse and rider deserves a little luxury. Whether you are a competitive rider, perform in exhibitions or just enjoy presenting your horse with a distinctive flair we offer a variety of combinations and styles to suit almost any preference. Custom orders are also welcome.
Dressage All Purpose
For those riders who enjoy outfitting their horses with a distinctive style...
Our all purpose cut is designed to fit both forward flap and straighter flap saddles.
Specialty Designs Made to Order
Historically inspired Renaissance, Medieval and Baroque styled horse wear.
Elegant presentation/exhibition wear and classic dressage saddlepads.