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Classical Training for Paso Gaited Horses
Classical Training for Paso Gaited Horses & Their Riders
Price: $29.95

Written by Gwyneth McPherson and Elizabeth Creamer, this has been one of the top-rated gaited horse training books since publication in 1995. A cornerstone in any equine library, the emphasis is on practical instruction. Clear, well illustrated explanations of movements and exercises are presented within the day-to-day realities of riding. Specific training problems and their corrections have also been thoroughly addressed. An invaluable reference book for any gaited horse rider. 
"The book is exceptional..." 

“Best training book for developing gait, or freeing up gait. Would work for non-gaited horses as well." 

"I own Paso Finos and can recommend an excellent book by Gwyneth McPherson/Elizabeth Creamer, Classical Training for Paso Gaited Horses and their Riders published by View Publishing Group. The book emphasizes practical instruction for riders working their horses alone. It covers lungeing through 2nd level. I think it can be easily applied to TWH's, FT's and the other gaited breeds although it does include a lot of Paso information. I've applied some of the book to my day-to-day riding since I compete in competitive trail/endurance events with my Paso."
Pull Up Your Agapanthus, Your Aster is Showing
Pull Up Your Agapanthus, Your Aster is Showing
Price: $14.95

This little book provides a humorous reference for the gardener who wishes to avoid being horticulturally incorrect when it comes to the proper pronunciation of the botanical names of plants. For those curious about the meanings of all those words describing the plant's singular attributes, a secondary glossary is provided for enlightenment. The author has added an extra twist with whimsical, quirky illustrations resembling antique engravings to amuse and inspire other gardeners to make the most of the lingua botanica. 

Amy Stewart, author of Wicked Plants, June 2008... "Pull Up Your Agapanthus, Your Aster is Showing is a botanical pronunciation guide illustrated with crazy Victorian engraving-style drawings and captions that make it easy to puzzle out Latin terms. Just enough of a pun to make the right pronunciation obvious. Worth it for the art alone, but also fun to contemplate walking about in a 'state of euphorbia' or being 'so embarrassed you just want to dianthus.' I think we've all been there." 

Latin lessons.... as seen in Horticulture Magazine, May 2008... "Last month a reader requested a reference for plants' Latin names. I, too, struggled with this until a dear friend gave me the book Pull Up Your Agapanthus, Your Aster is Showing. Not only does this inexpensive but delightful book give Latin names and pronunciations, but it also has a collection of 'verbal musings conceived while gardening.' It is a true learning tool."