When I purchased it, I was told
that they've had pads last 8 years...
I believe that now. My pad
still looks virtually brand new!


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On Learning to Ride Medieval Times
Artist Elizabeth Creamer has taken bits and pieces from 14th to 19th century engravings and woodcuts to create a series of whimsical collages in her "Learning to Ride" collection. Most recently she began to work with Medieval imagery which inspired a venture into digital color work.
On Learning to Ride Medieval Times
This series of collages sprung from the lifelong pursuit of becoming a better rider. Needless to say, a sense of humor (as well as a realistic perspective) can be invaluable along the way.
This series of prints was the artist's first venture into digital color collage work. Heretofore, everything had been done using 14th to 19th century engravings. It was Nicholas Christopher's book The Bestiary that really set this series in motion.