When I purchased it, I was told
that they've had pads last 8 years...
I believe that now. My pad
still looks virtually brand new!


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Care Instructions:


Unless otherwise noted, all of our saddle pads are machine washable. We recommend washing them one or two at a time, in COLD water, on either regular or gentle cycle with a small dab of mild detergent such as Tide. Hang the pad to dry out of bright sunlight, reshaping by hand if needed. If the fabrics need refluffing, you can put the pad in a COOL air dryer with a dryer sheet while still slightly damp. Do not use heat.

Due to our choice of materials, chances are you will find that our pads demand considerably less washing than traditional cotton ones. In between washings you can always use a grooming brush to remove loose hair, and often times just shaking the pad out when dry is enough.

Be prepared to collect some hair on the back side of your pad. Much of this will loosen in the wash and come off in your dryer (a dryer sheet will help get it into the lint bin). In extreme cases (i.e. shedding season), throw it over a fence rail and take a stiff grooming brush to it before washing.

With proper care, you can expect many years of enjoyment from our saddlepads.

Brushing Boots

Our boots are designed for the busy barn! They are machine washable in cold water using mild detergent such as Tide. We recommend hanging them to dry, but we have tested them in a hot dryer with no adverse results. Hot air for prolonged periods, however, may lessen the life span of the vinyl strike plates.