When I purchased it, I was told
that they've had pads last 8 years...
I believe that now. My pad
still looks virtually brand new!


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About Ambleside Designs
Unique * Individually Crafted

Ambleside Designs' unmistakable saddlepads and handbags have been making their way to customers across the United States and as far away as Brazil, England and Australia since 1999. Each of our products is hand-made from top quality materials which are chosen for beauty as well as durability. Most of our pieces are one-of-a-kind, although we do occasionally make two or three of something we think is extra special. But as they are hand crafted, no two are ever identical.

 "...some of the loveliest velvet and tapestry saddlepads it has been my delight to see and touch. Not only are each of these designs classy, each of them is hand made. This means to me two things ... attention to detail and no two saddlepads from Ambleside Designs will be the same. Elizabeth Creamer (and craftspeople of her class) cringe at the thought of their handiwork only meeting a buyer's expectations. Dedicated artisans seek to exceed their customers' hopes. Buy with confidence."
- Father Larry Mack, Dressage Daily, November 2011

Limited Edition Saddlepads
Originally inspired by 18th century prints of classical riders, Ambleside Designs has been creating luxury saddlepads for over a decade. We believe that in this most demanding of sports, every horse and rider deserves a little luxury. Whether you are a competitive rider, perform in exhibitions or just enjoy presenting your horse with a distinctive flair we offer a variety of combinations and styles to suit almost any preference. Custom orders are also welcome. Our saddlepads are made of upholstery velvets, chenilles, wovens and tapestries, all of which wash remarkably well and are very durable. We back our pads with wool because its natural fibers breathe, wick moisture, dry efficiently and, with proper care, are very long lasting. Some of our customers are still using pads from our first years of business. ALL saddlepads are machine washable. We recommend washing separately in COLD water on gentle cycle using a mild detergent. They should be HUNG TO DRY out of the sun, reshaping by hand as needed; although some materials, such as velvet, benefit from a brief spin in the dryer on COOL air while still damp.

Brushing Boots
These light weight, flexible boots are made with water repellent, stain resistant, breathable sunbrella lined with luxurious, high quality (faux) fur. A double vinyl strike pad increases durability without adding bulk. They wash extremely well in cold water, can be dried on warm or cool air (high heat is not recommended), and they won't get stiff when the weather gets cold. Our prête á porter version comes as a set of four - two medium fronts and two large hinds. Custom orders may be placed for other sizes. Like all of our products, these boots are made by hand in limited quantities. Colors vary based on availability. For special occasions, we also make a velvet boot to compliment our saddlepads.

Handbags & Carryalls
Ambleside Designs specializes in unique items for equine enthusiasts, so if you are looking for something unusual that no one else has you have come to the right place. Whimsical fabrics, luxurious colors and textures, and old world quality are what lures us into other themes, most notably animals, plants and oddities. Extra touches can be found in the form of antique and vintage brooches and buckles on particular pieces. We also have a penchant for repurposing vintage halter brasses with their lovely patina.

Our Selection is Always Changing
We may have additional pieces which are not yet displayed on our web site. If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We welcome input from our customers and look forward to creating just the right expression for you, your equine partner, or someone special.  

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