When I purchased it, I was told
that they've had pads last 8 years...
I believe that now. My pad
still looks virtually brand new!


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ART05   Absurd Faults
REVIEWS   Accolades for Ambleside Designs
ART04   Airs
BB006   Brushing Boots - Black with Cornflower Blue
BB003   Brushing Boots - Brown with black
BB012   Brushing Boots - Brown with blue
BB004   Brushing Boots - Gray with Cornflower Blue
BB005   Brushing Boots - White with Cornflower Blue
BB011   Brushing Boots - White with Zebra
AP905   Cherry Tomato with Floral Tail
DR811-28   Chocolate and Ivory Velvet Peacock Toille
11-017   Chocolate Brown Velvet with Bargello
11-1122   Classic Baroque Saddlepad
IBT   Classic Iberian Style
CT   Classical Training for Paso Gaited Horses & Their Riders
ART18   Cross Country
ART26   Crows on the Hill
J107   Displayed Swan
ART10   Equitation
ART13   Lateral Work
AP915   Lively Horses with Periwinkle Ultrasuede
ART14   Lunge Lesson
MTO   Made To Order
MTOSW   Made to Order Swallowtail
11-1121   Magenta Flowers
AP1105   Medieval Millefleurs with Wine Purple Velvet
ART23   Misadventures
ART16   Performance
AP1226   Petal Pink with Flowers
DR949   Pony Pad in Navy and Green
ART17   Practice
AGA   Pull Up Your Agapanthus, Your Aster is Showing
AP908   Raspberry Velvet with Floral Tapestry
DR922   Sapphire Blue with Floral Tapestry
12-1225   Southwestern Elegance
ART28   The Beekeeper's Garden
ART25   The Messengers
ART21   The Poachers Dream
AP920   Turquoise Velvet with Turkistan Medallion
ART27   Venus and the Dragon
ART20   Vices
2-MR01   Vintage Baroque Saddlepad

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